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Thursday, March 1, 2012


There has been soooo much back and forth about the “Respect Rally" that, at this point, let’s put our heads together to find a solution!  As a measure of détente between the WTHS students and the School Board President  can it be proposed to the English Department (Sorry, but  the English Department should make the proposal) at WTHS that they get in touch with the School Board President  and offer him the opportunity to allow the seniors, as an project for credit, to outline their perfect graduation speech and pass those ideas along to him.   I think this would be a fantastic project for this class and future classes.  Neither the current President nor any future President would be obligated to use the ideas, but he/she would have a grasp of what is important to that year’s seniors.  After all, Graduation is to celebrate the achievements and successes of children.

Any other constructive ideas?

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